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Resources for State Officials on Unwinding the Medicaid Continuous Coverage Requirement

A one-stop source of information for states in “unwinding” when the Medicaid continuous coverage requirement ends. This resource page is designed to support states planning for this major coverage event, including developing processes that prioritize coverage retention following the conclusion of the continuous coverage requirement.

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September 16, 2022

CMS Proposed Rule on Medicaid and CHIP Eligibility, Enrollment, and Renewal

Kinda Serafi and Melinda Dutton, Manatt Health

This expert perspective provides an overview of the eligibility and enrollment proposed rule released by CMS on August 31 and details how the proposed rule seeks to strengthen existing eligibility, enrollment, and renewal operational processes in an effort to close gaps in coverage and extend best practices identified by CMS and states in the course of preparing for unwinding the federal public health emergency (PHE). Comments on the proposed rule are due no later than November 7, 2022.

Oct 4, 2022 Templates & Toolkits

States are using a variety of approaches to measure and incentivize Medicaid managed care (MMC) entities to address unmet social needs that can contribute to poor health outcomes, lower quality care, and higher medical expenditures. This toolkit identifies examples of approaches states are taking through their MMC programs to address health-related social needs. States interested in implementing specific strategies related to SDOH can use this toolkit to develop managed care procurements or update and operationalize key contract provisions. This toolkit was co-funded by the Health Foundation of South Florida.

Sep 9, 2022 Issue Briefs

When the federal Medicaid continuous coverage requirement expires, states will redetermine eligibility for nearly all Medicaid enrollees, including roughly 1.7 million people enrolled in a Medicaid or CHIP pregnancy eligibility group. This issue brief reviews proactive strategies that states can deploy to support postpartum individuals in maintaining health coverage and access to care when the Medicaid continuous coverage guarantee ends and beyond.