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Resources for State Officials on COVID-19

Medicaid programs, health insurance Marketplaces, and insurance Commissioners have been working alongside Governors and public health leaders responding to the COVID-19 crisis. SHVS is bringing together toolkits, templates, state examples, and expert analysis.

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November 6, 2020

Advances in States’ Reporting of COVID-19 Health Equity Data

This expert perspective provides an update on states’ reporting of health equity data related to cases, mortality, hospitalizations, and testing and new state activity related to data collection, including examples of collecting additional data measures and creating taskforces to advance health equity. The post also provides a summary of CARES Act reporting requirements related to testing.

Nov 20, 2020 Issue Briefs

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted longstanding health inequities which have resulted in an increased risk of sickness and death for people of color. The crisis has also propelled a nationwide focus on understanding and addressing health inequities. This issue brief explores impediments and accelerants to advancing health equity as states are increasingly being called upon to drive change.

Nov 16, 2020 Webinars

State Health and Value Strategies hosted a two-part webinar series on screening Medicaid members for social risk factors. State Medicaid agencies are increasingly recognizing the impact that non-medical factors, such as social risk factors, have on health. Social risk factors are adverse social conditions which create barriers to health for individuals, such as food insecurity and homelessness. The first webinar reviewed key terms, screening tools, and design decisions for states interested in screening Medicaid managed care members for social risk factors. The second webinar, explored adopting a measure to assess social risk factor screening rates.

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