Nov, 03, 2016

1332 Waivers Resource Library

The State Network serves as a resource for states interested in Section 1332 waivers, also known as State Innovation Waivers, which are shaping up to be an important opportunity for states reaching toward the goal of expanded coverage. We’ll continue to provide analysis and other materials, updating this post as more becomes available. (Xanax)



Webinar slides



  • Analysis of state options under 1332 conducted by graduate students at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School
  • A seminal paper from John McDonough, writing in the Journal of Health Politics and Policy
  • Analysis from Jessica Schubel and Sarah Lueck at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities
  • Transcript from a webinar hosted by Maximus (original post available here)
  • A blog post on transparency and the role of stakeholders in the 1332 process by Joan Alker and Sabrina Corlette at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute
  • A report prepared by Manatt for the BlueCross BlueShield Foundation of Massachusetts