| Covid-19 | Aug 11, 2020

HHS Announces Additional Details on $5 Billion Provider Relief Fund Distribution for Nursing Homes

HHS provided new information about the Provider Relief Fund $5 billion allocation for nursing homes and long-term care facilities, first announced in July. Specifically, an initial $2.5 billion distribution will support increased testing, staffing, PPE needs, and COVID isolation facilities. The balance will be distributed based on nursing home performance, particularly a nursing home’s ability to minimize COVID spread and COVID-related fatalities among its residents with consideration of the prevalence of the virus in the nursing home’s local geography. According to HHS, the initial $2.5 billion distribution will occur in mid-August, and be followed by the performance-based distributions throughout the fall. HHS likely will provide additional information about the methodology for determining eligibility and payment for these funds via its Provider Relief Fund General Information page and/or FAQs.