| Covid-19 | Oct 27, 2020

HHS Broadens Eligibility Criteria for Phase 3 of the General Distribution of the Provider Relief Fund

HHS announced that it is broadening the eligibility criteria regarding providers eligible for the new, $20 billion allocation of the Provider Relief Fund, known as “General Distribution Phase 3.” HHS had previously announced that this Fund would be available to providers that bill Medicare and/or Medicaid/CHIP, as well as certain provider types regardless of whether they bill Medicare or Medicaid/CHIP, including behavioral health providers, dentists, and assisted living facilities. HHS is now further expanding the pool of eligible providers by including other providers of patient care services that do not bill Medicare or Medicaid/CHIP, including chiropractors, nursing service providers, hospice providers, laboratories, eye and vision service providers, nursing and custodial care facilities, among others. Notably, HHS does not seem to have yet updated the application instructions to reflect that these providers are eligible; nonetheless, these providers should submit their TINs for validation and submit their applications as soon as possible.

On October 21, HHS posted informational materials on the Provider Relief Fund Phase 3 General Distribution, including a one-page fact sheet, 12-page presentation, and recording of its October 15 informational webinar. Because the eligibility changes were announced on October 22, the latest broadening of eligibility does not yet appear in these materials.