| Covid-19 | Sep 29, 2020

HHS Releases a One-Page Summary of Reporting Requirements for Recipients of the Provider Relief Fund

As a follow-up to its August 14 and September 19 guidance outlining the reporting requirements for Provider Relief Fund (PRF) recipients that received one or more General Distribution or Targeted Distribution payments exceeding $10,000 in the aggregate,* HHS released a one-page summary of the reporting deadlines, reporting requirements, and permissible uses of Provider Relief Fund payments. HHS also updated its PRF “Reporting Requirements and Auditing” landing page to include the first FAQ regarding the reporting requirements. The single FAQ currently available on the page does not provide new substantive information about reporting requirements, but providers will want to monitor this page as HHS is expected continue to post FAQs related to the reporting requirements on this page.* Does not apply to the ~$2.5 billion Nursing Home Infection Control distribution.