| Covid-19 | Sep 1, 2020

HHS Updates Provider Relief Fund Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

HHS issued new and modified Provider Relief Fund FAQs, clarifying:The Methodology & Parameters of the $5 Billion Nursing Home Infection Control DistributionAs previously announced, HHS distributed approximately $2.5 billion in upfront funding to nursing homes to support increased testing, staffing, and personal protective equipment (PPE) needs. The FAQs apply new nomenclature to this distribution, deeming it the “Nursing Home Infection Control Distribution.” Unlike other Provider Relief Fund distributions, these payments may only be used for the infection control expenses defined in the Terms and Conditions, which includes costs associated with administering COVID-19 testing for both staff and residents; reporting COVID-19 test results to local, state, or federal governments; hiring staff to provide patient care or administrative support; incurring expenses to improve infection control, including “mentorship” programs with subject matter experts or changes made to physical facilities; and providing additional services to residents, such as technology that permits residents to connect with their families if their families are not able to visit in person. Recipients received a per-facility payment of $10,000 plus a per-bed payment of $1,450. Eligible providers include nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities that are not revoked, have an active CMS certification, and have at least 6 certified beds.Application Processes for Phase 2 of the General DistributionHHS clarified that providers applying for Phase 2 of the General Distribution (for which applications are now being accepted through September 13):

– May submit a new application for Phase 2 even if there is an application still under consideration as part of Phase 1 of the General Distribution.

– If the provider experienced a change in ownership in 2019 or 2020, the provider should report the revenue, along with the proportion of revenue from patient care, for the acquisition or dispositions from the date of sale through the date of application in the Provider Relief Fund Application and Attestation Portal.

Considerations for Providers with Specific Ownership Structures and Financial Relationships

-Parent organizations that received a Provider Relief Fund Targeted Distribution on behalf of a subsidiary should attest to the Terms and Conditions rather than their subsidiary.

– Parent entities submitting applications on behalf of their subsidiaries may enter up to 1,200 subsidiary TINs in the application portal which will initiate the application process for each of their subsidiaries.