| Covid-19 | Jun 29, 2020

Hospital Visitation – Phase II Visitation for Patients who are Covid-19 Negative

CMS issued guidance regarding hospital visitation policies for patients during Phase II of reopening, reiterating previous guidance that unrestricted visitation is not advised until Phase III of reopening. The guidance also outlines discretionary exceptions that hospitals may want to consider in certain instances, such as during end-of-life care and labor and delivery. In scenarios where visitation is allowed, CMS indicated that visitation should be limited to one visitor at a time and all in-person visitors should be screened for symptoms and wear cloth face coverings. CMS also indicated that virtual or outdoor visitation should be encouraged to the extent possible and that facilities should consider the prevalence of COVID-19 in the community, staffing levels, and PPE supplies before making exceptions to non-visitation policies.