| Covid-19 | Jun 18, 2020

HRSA Health Centers Program Releases Updated COVID-19 FAQs

HRSA’s Health Center Program released updated COVID-19 FAQs for health centers. The updated FAQs include guidance:• Reminding health centers of their responsibility to seek reimbursement for their costs from third-party payors , and apply their sliding fee discount programs. Third-party payors may have cost-sharing which allows health centers to charge patients for co-payments or coinsurance;• Clarifying that health centers are permitted to request reimbursement through the HRSA COVID-19 Claims Reimbursement for Testing and Treatment of the Uninsured Program but are prohibited from “balance billing” patients for any cost-sharing payments if they do so;• Noting the expectations for health centers to develop and maintain an emergency preparedness communication plan as well as annual training and testing programs.