| Covid-19 | Sep 8, 2020

Providers Receiving Emails from HHS requesting Financial Information for Provider Relief Fund Phase 1 General Distribution

In addition to the Provider Relief Fund FAQ updates noted above, a new Provider Relief Fund FAQ reflects that some providers are receiving emails from HHS requesting financial information in response to the payment HHS issued to the provider as part of Phase 1 of the General Distribution. HHS indicates that this is because the Terms and Conditions requires providers that received a payment from the $20 billion, second tranche from Phase 1 of the General Distribution submit revenue information regarding this payment. HHS does not have that information from some providers, “due in some instances to system issues.” In order to be considered for an additional payment, providers must submit this information by September 13, 2020. The FAQ is unclear as to whether this limitation on additional payments refers to eligibility for any Provider Relief Fund payment or any further General Distribution payment (for which applications are due September 13).