| Covid-19 | Oct 6, 2020

Tracking Medicaid Enrollment Growth During COVID-19 Databook

The Tracking Medicaid Enrollment Growth During COVID-19 Databook, which includes Medicaid enrollment data from over 40 states, provides a comprehensive, detailed look at 2020 Medicaid enrollment trends to-date, with certain limitations. The Databook provides enrollment detail by state across four eligibility categories: expansion adults, children (including those enrolled in CHIP), non-expansion adults, and aged, blind, and disabled individuals. It also compares enrollment trends across expansion and non-expansion states. While variations in states reporting mean that the enrollment numbers in this report are not necessarily comparable across states (and should not be summed across states), the data reported do allow states and others to track enrollment trends.

As a companion to the Databook, Manatt Health authored an Overview that summarizes key findings from an analysis of the Databook.