| Covid-19 | Dec 8, 2020

Tribal Health Programs and Urban Indian Organizations Choose How They Will Access the COVID-19 Vaccine

HHS announced that all tribal health programs and urban Indian organizations (UIOs) have chosen their preferred method for receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Tribal health programs and UIOs had the option of receiving the vaccine either through the IHS or their respective state. Once available, COVID-19 vaccines will be allocated to jurisdictions, including the IHS, which will then distribute to tribal health programs and UIOs.In November, the IHS released its COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccine Plan which details how the IHS health care system will prepare for and operationalize a vaccine when it becomes available. The plan is based on the CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Interim Playbook for Jurisdiction Operations. The IHS plan also provides guidance for all tribal health programs and UIOs that choose to receive a COVID-19 vaccine coordinated through IHS as well as guidance for IHS federal sites.