| Covid-19 | Sep 8, 2020

Trump Administration Announces Provider Relief Fund Application for Assisted Living Facilities

HHS announced that assisted living facilities (ALFs) that do not bill Medicare or Medicaid and therefore have not otherwise been eligible for the Provider Relief Fund General Distribution are now eligible for Phase 2 of the General Distribution. To accommodate this eligibility expansion, HHS clarifies in its Provider Relief Fund FAQs that HHS has developed a curated list of assisted living facility TINs from third party sources and HHS datasets. Akin to the process HHS has taken to validate Medicaid/CHIP providers, HHS will work with states and its partners to authenticate assisted living facilities that are not on the curated list. All providers eligible for Phase 2 General Distribution funding–including newly-eligible ALFs–have until September 13, 2020 to begin their application by entering their Tax Identification Number (TIN) for validation. The FAQs also address how ALFs should calculate revenue from patient care.