Jan, 13, 2023

Advancing Health Equity Through Insurance Coverage: Examples from the States

United States of Care, in partnership with Waxman Strategies, released a report showcasing cutting-edge, actionable policies that states across the country have implemented to drive improvements in health equity through insurance coverage. The report is a comprehensive look at approaches states can take to reduce disparities and advance health equity through Affordable Care Act marketplaces, public options, and insurance plans more broadly. The report includes policy options to broaden people’s access to diverse providers, improve providers’ cultural responsiveness, expand access to safety net providers, improve data collection, and address bias throughout the system, among many other issues that affect health equity for enrollees. Paired with the report is a companion piece, A State Checklist for Advancing Equity Through Health Coverage, which summarizes the report’s findings and presents recommendations for states to consider to ensure disparities are being addressed.