May, 24, 2021

Fostering Health Equity: Perspectives from a Medicaid Medical Director

Medicaid is the primary source of health care coverage for over 77 million Americans, with Black and Latino communities making up approximately 46 percent of enrollees and as such, Medicaid programs are a significant player in reducing health disparities and advancing health equity. The Center for Health Care Strategies hosted a question and answer session with internist and pediatrician Nathan Chomilo, MD, Medical Director of Minnesota Medicaid and MinnesotaCare to get his perspectives on priority opportunities for addressing health equity for people served by the state’s Medicaid program. Medicaid medical directors have a unique leadership opportunity to address equity through their oversight of services covered by Medicaid and their connections with providers delivering those services. From their vantage point, medical directors have insight into provider and patient experiences, as well as the barriers that can hinder access and treatment.