Aug, 25, 2021

Innovation At The Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services: A Vision For The Next 10 Years

A new Health Affairs blog post written by CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks La-Sure and other CMS leaders lays out a path for the next ten years of value-based care within the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. The team of leaders undertook a review of the last ten years of Innovation Center’s work and concluded the need for a shared vision of the health system that the agency is collectively striving toward; they explicitly acknowledge health equity as a central goal for this vision. This focus aligns with President Biden’s executive order charging each agency within the administration to advance racial equity and justice for underserved communities. The leaders also received feedback on what the vision for the ideal health system could look like and the role that CMS and the Innovation Center should play from various stakeholders. The result of this combined public-private dialogue is a strategy refresh that will drive the country’s delivery system toward meaningful transformation. It includes an unwavering focus on equity, paying for health care based on value instead of the volume of services provided, and delivering person-centered care that meets people where they are.