May, 10, 2021

Three Principles for an Antiracist, Equitable State Response to COVID-19 — and a Stronger Recovery

COVID-19’s effects have underscored the ways the nation’s history of racism, bias, and discrimination are embedded in the health, social, and economic systems. A new report by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities highlights three principles state policymakers can consider to enact antiracist, equitable, and inclusive policies that build an economic recovery that extends to all people. Adhering to these three equity principles would help states take advantage of this moment. States can make transformative policy changes to drastically reduce the severe hardships that millions of people will otherwise experience in the months and years ahead, sharply reduce long-standing inequities rooted in historical racism and other forms of oppression, and build revenue systems capable of sustaining a future in which people no longer go hungry and get the housing, health care, and other supports they require.