Dec, 10, 2014

Introducing Our New Website

As we enter 2015 and think about all of the changes it will bring, we have our own announcement to share. We’re really excited to launch our revamped site, which will enable us to share more timely health content with you and better highlight our work. By way of introduction, our work focuses on helping states transform health care. Many states aspire to expand or maximize health insurance coverage, improve population health and add value to their health care systems, but lack the capacity to implement desired reforms. We aim to serve as a resource for states, providing expertise on topics such as private insurance, health insurance marketplaces, Medicaid and the payment for and delivery of care.

Our team, which you can read more about here, works on two programs that are funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:

State Health Reform Assistance Network (State Network). Under this program, we deliver and coordinate technical assistance to states as they work to get more residents covered and achieve stability and sustainability in Medicaid and their insurance markets. We publish tools and information for states on a variety of issues, including marketplace development, consumer assistance, 1332 waivers and more.

State Health and Value Strategies. We provide technical assistance to states to support their efforts to improve population health and enhance value in their health care systems. We commission issue briefs and webinars, which you can find on our Resources page, and we also support convenings to enable state officials to connect and share best practices.

Another new feature of our website is this blog. We’ll post new content every week, directly related to our two programs and the good work of our partner states and experts.  If you’d like to receive timely email updates on new issue briefs or upcoming webinars, please  for our mailing list.

We always welcome your feedback, whether on our site or our programs. Contact us here.

Thank you for visiting!