Medicaid Expansion’s Economic Impact

Since 2014, State Health and Value Strategies (previously State Network) has examined the impact of Medicaid expansion on state budgets and economies. These resources break down the economic impact in states that have expanded, what other states could expect under an expansion and, most recently, what federal repeal or spending caps could mean for states. Other resources include facts about expansion, national analyses and more.

You Do the Math: Tool to Determine Economic Impact in Your State
Use this tool to determine areas of expansion-related savings and revenue generation in your state.


Examining the Impact of Expansion Repeal and Spending Caps
Read the latest assessment of possible plans to repeal Medicaid expansion or cap federal spending and what it could mean for local economies and residents.


A Look at State Flexibility and Waivers
Read about the alternative Medicaid expansion waivers that states have requested and been granted, and the flexibility these waivers have given states to tailor their individual Medicaid expansion programs.


A Look at Budget Impact in Expansion States
Read about the savings and revenue gains that expansion states are realizing along with a deeper dive on areas of savings and funding streams including uncompensated care, criminal justice, Indian Health Services and more.

A Look at Potential Budget Impact in Non-Expansion States
Read about the potential budget impact in select states if they expanded their Medicaid program.


Examining Long-Term Budget Impact in States
Read what economic gains states are projecting due to Medicaid expansion.


Additional Reports and Tools
Read the latest national analysis of Medicaid expansion’s impact on state budgets.