May, 21, 2015

New Issue Brief Highlights Strategy for Increasing Enrollment through Enhanced Engagement with Brokers

In February, Galen Benshoof underscored the importance of agents and brokers in ensuring robust enrollment and exchange sustainability. Recognizing this, the State Network funded programs in Illinois and Minnesota, led by Wakely Consulting Group (Wakely), to enhance in-person agent and broker engagement while expanding their capability to assist anyone who walks through their doors, even if they are eligible for Medicaid or other state coverage programs. These Lead Broker Agency programs were a success, and the states are planning to continue or expand the programs next year!

A new issue brief, prepared by Kathie Mazza at Wakely and available here, describes the concept of these pilots and outlines how other states interested in partnering with insurance brokers can implement similar initiatives for future open enrollment periods. The key for states is to start planning early and allow enough time for buy-in from leadership and key stakeholders, as well as development of the program itself. But as exchanges have tighter budgets, the Lead Broker Agency programs have proven to be a cost-effective tool to increase enrollment and promote community engagement.