Dec, 20, 2022

Most Adults in Medicaid-Enrolled Families Are Unaware of Medicaid Renewals Resuming in the Future

A new report published by the Urban Institute finds that most adults with family Medicaid enrollment were not aware of the return to regular Medicaid renewals when the PHE expires. Researchers looked at data from the Health Reform Monitoring Survey from June 2022 to assess awareness of the resumption of Medicaid renewals, information sources about the change, and information about the change received by nonelderly adults who are covered by Medicaid or have a Medicaid-enrolled family member. Among the 37% of adults who had heard at least a little about the resumption of renewals, the most common source of information received was media, including social media, television, radio, and newspapers. Of those who had heard about the forthcoming change from state agencies or health plans, the information provided was most commonly a notification of the need to renew coverage. Low awareness of the resumption of Medicaid renewals indicates state programs may face significant information gaps among enrollees about the looming change.