Apr, 10, 2023

Texas Unwinding Update

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) announced that in order to handle the expected workload of Medicaid renewals, HHSC has increased its eligibility workforce through various recruitment and retention efforts, including hiring temporary staff to assist with the workload, implementing merit pay and salary adjustments, promoting flexible work schedules, and streamlining training requirements. Since April 2022, HHSC has added 1,000 eligibility staff to its workforce. This month, HHSC will begin mailing all Medicaid renewal notices in a yellow envelope that says “Action Required” in red. In addition to mailed notices, HHSC is using social media posts, online banner messages, flyers, emails, and text messages to notify enrollees about renewing their benefits. HHSC has supplied outreach tools to partner organizations or ambassadors to help spread the word about the end of continuous Medicaid coverage.