Webinars | Jan 18, 2016

1332 State Innovation Waivers: HHS and Treasury Guidance on 1332 Waivers

Manatt Health Solutions

The State Network 1332 Waivers Affinity Group continued with a presentation from the team at Manatt Health Solutions.  This webinar included a review of the basics around 1332 waivers, including what is allowed to be waived and the guardrails that apply to waivers. Following recent joint agency guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of the Treasury, the team at Manatt reviewed the ways in which the guardrails are further defined, and the standards that will apply to them.  Additionally, the presentation included information on potentially approvable waivers, and an update on action that has been taken in states so far.  Prior installments of this webinar series are available in the State Network 1332 Waivers Resource Library.