Webinars | Feb 26, 2016

1332 State Innovation Waivers: States Seek to Preserve Small Group Market Practices Through 1332

Manatt Health Solutions

The State Network 1332 Waivers Affinity Group continued with a presentation from the team at Manatt Health Solutions.  This webinar included an overview of the small group market requirements in the ACA, and the efforts of three states to preserve their innovative pre-ACA programs.  The presentation included information on the ways in which officials in Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Vermont are pursuing 1332 waivers in order to continue these pre-ACA small group market practices, the progress that they have made thus far, and assessment of how their proposals meet the guardrail requirements under Section 1332.  Prior editions of this webinar series are available in the State Network 1332 Waivers Resource Library.