Issue Briefs | Aug 11, 2013

Advance Premium Tax Credits and Cost-Sharing Reductions: A Primer for Assistors

 Manatt Health Solutions – Deborah Bachrach and Jocelyn Guyer

This educational slide deck, prepared by Manatt Health Solutions, provides detailed information on Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTCs) and Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSRs). It is designed as a tool to educate navigators, certified application counselors, and other assistors, as well as Marketplace staff, eligibility workers,  and others that need to understand and be able to explain how APTCs and CSRs work in practice. This presentation gives the audience a more visual display to aid in the comprehension of the technical information related to APTCs and CSRs. The document begins with a glossary of key terms and the general role of APTCs and CSRs, and then takes a deeper dive into the technical components.