Webinars | May 28, 2019

Advancing Health Equity Through Medicaid Managed Care Webinar Series

Bailit Health

State Health and Value Strategies (SHVS) is convening a series of webinars on advancing health equity through Medicaid managed care organizations. Health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible, which requires removing obstacles to health, such as poverty, discrimination, and their consequences, including powerlessness and lack of access to housing, safe environments, and health care. This five-part series will assist states interested in addressing disparities in health outcomes among Medicaid managed care beneficiaries as a step towards achieving health equity.

Open to all state Medicaid agencies and state agency partners, the series will explore:

  • Data collection and measurement to identify disparities in health that adversely affect excluded or marginalized groups.
  • Evidence-based approaches to advancing health equity.
  • Strategies for utilizing managed care contracts as a vehicle for improving the health of excluded or marginalized groups.

On Thursday, June 20 at 2:00 p.m. ET State Health and Value Strategies will host the first webinar in the series, Advancing Health Equity in Medicaid Managed Care: An Introduction for States. This webinar will review the foundational principles of health equity, barriers to its realization and the impact of health disparities. Understanding key definitions and concepts of health equity will help inform efforts aimed at advancing health equity–and reducing disparities in health outcomes–in state Medicaid managed care programs.

Advancing Health Equity in Medicaid Managed Care: An Introduction for States
Thursday, June 20, 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET
Registration (required) at the following link: https://rwjfevents.webex.com/rwjfevents/onstage/g.php?MTID=e2f22b8d9238463aa12098cd6bcffecb8

The webinar series will provide states with an opportunity to learn from expert faculty, get up to date on the latest state efforts to address disparities among Medicaid managed care beneficiaries, and share challenges and lessons learned. The following is a list of the other webinars in the series–check back here for links to register for each webinar.

Webinar #2Advancing Health Equity: Using Data Collection and MeasurementTuesday, July 9
Webinar #3Evidence-Based Strategies for Reducing Health DisparitiesTuesday, August 27
Webinar #4Using MCO Contract and Performance Requirements to Advance Health EquityTuesday, September 24
Webinar #5 – Topic to be determined based on participant input during webinars one through four – Tuesday, October 22