Meetings & Presentations | Jan 29, 2014

All-Payer Claims Database Small Group Convening

The State Network hosted a APCD Small Group Convening on January 23-24, 2014 in New Orleans, LA.

The State Network hosted a Small Group Convening in New Orleans, LA on January 23-24, 2014, bringing together state officials and technical experts to discuss All-Payer Claims Databases and rate review.   The agenda can be found here and selected presentations and resources from the meeting are compiled and listed by session below.



APCDs: A Foundation for Data-Driven Decisions

Rate Review Process Overview

Leveraging APCDs for Rate Review and Related Regulatory Activities

Developing Measures and Analytic Tools


State Resources

Colorado – Colorado APCD

Maine –  Health Cost

Maryland – Privately Insured Health Care Spending in Maryland in 2012

Massachusetts – My Health Options

Massachusetts – Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters 2014: Risk Adjustment Methodology and Operation

Massachusetts – Description of Massachusetts APCD data elements for risk adjustment in the HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2014

North Carolina – Rate Filing Template

New Jersey – APCDs: Issues and Opportunities for Health Care Cost Transparency in New Jersey

New York –  All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Groups Weights 

Oregon – Health Insurance Rate Review Oregon Insurance Division

Oregon – Recommendations for Aligning ACA Implementation with Oregon’s Health System Reform – see specifically page 12 for information on transparency, rate review, and measurement dashboard.


Other Resources

The Basics of All-Payer Claims Databases: A Primer for States

Realizing the Potential of All-Payer Claims Databases: Creating the Reporting Plan

A Comparative Analysis of Claims-Based Tools for Health Risk Assessment

Episode-Based Physician Profiling: A Guide to the Perplexing