Templates & Toolkits | Feb 19, 2019

Application Template for Section 1332 Reinsurance Waiver

Jason Levitis

UPDATED 2/19/2019–State Health and Value Strategies has created a template to help states develop an application for a state innovation waiver under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) section 1332 to implement a state reinsurance program. Section 1332 gives states flexibility to waive certain ACA provisions and receive federal funding to implement state-based health care policies. Reinsurance programs are a proven method of reducing premiums and promoting competition and market stability. This template seeks to make application development as simple as possible by adapting language from the successful Oregon application and indicating where elements need to be filled in or otherwise customized.

Frequent State Health and Value Strategies partner Jason Levitis, health tax expert and former Counselor and ACA Implementation Lead at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, created the application template. The template may be revised, so be sure to check back to this resource page to ensure you are working from the most current draft.