Issue Briefs , State Materials | Aug 15, 2014

Boosting Enrollment: Lessons Learned from 2013-2014

Wakely Consulting Group – Jon Kingsdale, Ph.D., Kathie J. Mazza, and Kerry Connolly

With the recent conclusion of the initial open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act, opportunities now exist to examine the experiences and successes of several state-based marketplaces in order to evaluate how they reached consumers and enrolled them in Qualified Health Plans. The observations and experiences of these states can lead to valuable lessons moving forward regarding marketing and sales campaigns, including targeting specific populations, the roles and resources of navigators, and media and marketing support. This issue brief, prepared by Wakely Consulting Group, analyzes observations drawn from Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Rhode Island, and Washington, to offer recommendations intended to maximize enrollment. An executive summary of this issue brief provides an overview of this topic, including a brief synopsis of the authors’ recommendations for optimizing future enrollment.