Webinars | Oct 30, 2020

Changes in the Coverage Environment During COVID-19: State Strategies to Support Enrollment

Manatt Health and GMMB

On Friday, October 30, State Health & Value Strategies hosted a webinar during which experts from Manatt Health and GMMB reviewed the trajectory of 2020 Medicaid enrollment growth to date and provide effective strategies related to communication with members and coordination across state Medicaid agencies and Marketplaces to support coverage access and retention in this dynamic environment.

State Medicaid agencies and Marketplaces are facing intense pressure as coverage volatility resulting from the COVID-19 economic downturn continues and the 2021 open enrollment period begins. Millions of people have already lost jobs and in many cases their employer-sponsored insurance, and the number of individuals entering the unemployment ranks for the first time remains high. Additionally, the eventual (and unknown) end to the public health emergency adds to the dynamic of coverage churn in and across Medicaid and the Marketplace, making it more critical than ever that states prepare for increases and shifts in enrollment. The webinar included a question and answer session during which webinar participants can pose their questions to the experts on the line.

SHVS also published Tracking Medicaid Enrollment Growth During COVID-19 Databook, which includes Medicaid enrollment data from over 40 states, and provides a comprehensive, detailed look at 2020 Medicaid enrollment trends to-date. As a companion to the Databook, Manatt Health authored an Overview that summarizes key findings from an analysis of the enrollment data. In addition, as states prepare for OEP in the midst of significant churn between Medicaid and the marketplaces, Collaborating to Connect Consumers to Coverage highlights messages to encourage consumers to check out coverage options during open enrollment and profiles two state examples of coordination to ensure consumers encounter “no wrong door” in their search for coverage.