Templates & Toolkits | Feb 28, 2014

Consumer Assistance Resource Guide: Immigrant Eligibility

Manatt Health Solutions

Early evidence from across the nation suggests that consumer assisters are playing a vital role in helping people enroll in the new coverage options made possible by the Affordable Care Act. The following resource guide on Immigrant Eligibility is part of a Consumer Assistance Resource Guide series  developed to help consumer assisters answer some of the most common eligibility and enrollment questions.

To be eligible for health insurance coverage through the Marketplace or Medicaid, an applicant must be a citizen or meet certain immigration status requirements. This guide, prepared by Manatt Health Solutions, provides an overview of the rules governing immigration eligibility for insurance affordability programs. The guide explains the types of immigrants that are eligible, the process by which immigration status is verified, and the eligibility requirements for families where some members are lawfully present and others are undocumented.