Meetings & Presentations | Apr 12, 2012

Coverage Transitions and Value Based Purchasing

Small Group Convening hosted by the Center for Health Care Strategies

This joint meeting, hosted by the State Network and Medicaid Leadership Institute, was held in Boston, MA on April 23-24, 2012. The Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) led sessions that ranged from continuity of care during coverage transition to methods for integrated care and reimbursement. The attached slides include: 1) an overview by CHCS of ‘Coverage Transition Models’ highlighting keys to seamlessness and models for care linkages during coverage transitions; and 2) a presentation by Robin Callahan, Deputy Medicaid Director in Massachusetts, describing the Massachusetts Medicaid eligibility system and how the state is approaching continuity. This Small Group Convening expanded on an issue brief prepared by CHCS that analyzes how states have historically dealt with individuals that shift between public subsidy programs and how these experiences can prepare states for transitions between the Medicaid expansion and exchange qualified health plans in 2014.