Templates & Toolkits | Aug 9, 2021

Health Equity Language Guide for State Officials

Tekisha Dwan Everette, Dashni Sathasivam, and Karen Siegel, Health Equity Solutions

State Health and Value Strategies, in partnership with Health Equity Solutions, created the Health Equity Language Guide for State Officials which is comprised of three tools to help state officials with the language they use to discuss and write about race and health equity. The Guide includes definitions and explanations of words and phrases, how to think about their usage, and examples of how they might be applied.

The Guide is a living document that will continue to be updated to reflect and respond to evolving terminology. As states engage in defining health equity terms within their own state policy documents, the Guide is intended as a helpful, complementary resource for such work.

Part 1: Discussing Racism
Part 2: Addressing Bias
Part 3: Describing Identities and Experiences