| Sep 23, 2020

Health Equity Resources

For too many of us, the prospects for good health are limited by where we live, how much money we make, or discrimination we face.

We all benefit when everyone has a fair shot at access to good jobs with fair pay, good schools, affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, and quality medical care. This is health equity—when we all have the basics to be as healthy as possible.

For wherever you are on your journey, State Health and Value Strategies (SHVS) developed this resource page to serve as an accessible one-stop source of health equity information for states.

If you have materials you are willing to share with other states through this page, or if there are topics of particular interest that you would like to see included on this dashboard, please contact SHVSTO SEE A LIST OF SHVS-SPECIFIC RESOURCES, CLICK HERE

Please click on the links below to access topic-specific resources.

Education and Awareness

(creating a baseline health equity understanding)

Data and Measurement

(e.g., health equity measurement and tracking, incorporating equity into other programs and practices)

Policies and Implementation

(e.g., coverage and access, health equity-related Medicaid managed care contract provisions, policy options for states)

Analysis and Research

(e.g., analyses from Urban Institute, Families USA, SIREN, Health Affairs)

State Examples and Models

(activity happening in states in support of health equity goals)

Medicaid and Health Equity
Telehealth and Health Equity


(outreach, strategic consumer messaging)

Equity and COVID-19

(e.g., testing and contact tracing strategies)