Webinars | Jun 22, 2021

Highlights of the Buying Value Benchmark Repository: Innovative Homegrown Measures

Bailit Health

On Tuesday, June 22, State Health and Value Strategies hosted a webinar on innovative measures that states have developed to address their program priorities.

The Buying Value suite of resources is designed to support state use of performance measures as they assess and improve value with managed care plans and accountable provider entities. Buying Value consists of two free Excel-based tools: the Buying Value Measure Selection Tool assists states, employers, consumer organizations and providers in creating and maintaining aligned quality measure sets; and the Buying Value Benchmark Repository, a database of non-HEDIS measures in use by state purchasers and regional health improvement collaboratives, and associated performance data for benchmarking purposes.

States are responsible for ensuring that their Medicaid programs are delivering high-quality, high-value care, but there are not always nationally-endorsed measures focused on states’ areas of interest. This is especially true for equity-related measurement. The webinar was facilitated by an expert from Bailit Health and featured state officials from the Oregon Health Authority and Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services. Both states discussed their experiences developing and implementing homegrown measures in their state Medicaid programs. Presenters highlighted measures from the Repository such as Oregon’s “Meaningful Access to Health Care Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency” and Massachusetts’ “Health-related Social Needs Screening.” The webinar included a question and answer session during which webinar participants posed their questions to the experts on the line.