Issue Briefs , Webinars | Jan 1, 2014

Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health: Strategies for Overcoming Legal Barriers to Health Information Exchange

 Manatt, Phelps & Phillips—Robert Belfort, William Bernstein, and Susan Ingargiola

This brief explores the strategies states use to address barriers that impede data-sharing efforts among providers to integrate physical and behavioral health care. The first step for states interested in more and better data exchange is to understand legal barriers to sharing such data and to directly confront misperceptions about those barriers withproviders, health plans, and other stakeholders.

The webinar based on this issue brief explains the legal barriers to sharing behavioral and physical health care information, dispels misconceptions about those barriers, and recommends strategies to reduce real barriers where they exist. effective care coordination requires robust data exchange among physical and behavioral health providers, who are often reluctant to freely share data for fear of violating health information privacy laws. State officials with experience integrating physical and behavioral health care in their states also offer insight.