State Materials , Templates & Toolkits | Apr 7, 2023

Compendium of Medicaid Managed Care Contracting Strategies to Promote Health Equity

Bailit Health

The Compendium identifies approaches states are taking within their Medicaid managed care (MMC) programs to promote health equity. It has been updated seven times since its original publication in June 2020 and this latest update describes approaches 21 states are taking within MMC to promote health equity, features state examples for further illustration, and includes excerpts from state contract and procurement documents. In this updated version information has been synthesized across select states and approaches have been categorized to support cross-state learning and incorporates examples from MMC procurements from Delaware, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, and West Virginia, six states that are new to the Compendium. It also includes updated information for several states featured in prior versions. A companion expert perspective, What’s New in State Approaches to Promoting Health Equity in Medicaid Managed Care, highlights the states that are new to the Compendium.