Templates & Toolkits | Jan 12, 2013

Qualified Health Plan (QHP) Issuer Certification Checklist

Georgetown University Health Policy Institute – Mila Kofman, Katie Dunton and Sally McCarty

The Qualified Health Plan (QHP) Issuer Certification Checklist is a document developed by Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute that insurance regulators (and/or Exchanges) can use or modify for use in reviewing applications filed by issuers for approval as QHP issuers. In addition to this PDF, the QHP Issuer Certification Checklist is also available in a fill-able Microsoft Word version for easy use and amendment by state regulators. Some QHP issuer certification elements in the checklist require a decision by the state to accept attestation by a carrier or to verify compliance directly through evidence that the requirements have been met. This checklist provides an outline for insurance regulators to ensure that issuers who seek to become QHP issuers are in compliance with Affordable Care Act requirements.