Templates & Toolkits | Oct 31, 2022

Reaching Non-Citizen Communities: Resources to Support State Outreach and Education to Drive Healthcare Enrollment


States are working in various ways to engage and enroll individuals in health coverage regardless of their immigration status. In some cases, states continue to conduct outreach to eligible but remaining uninsured individuals, such as citizen children in families with mixed immigration status. In other cases, states are in the process of expanding coverage options to make new options available for non-citizens. To assist states in their efforts, GMMB, with the support of PerryUndem research, conducted focus groups in June 2022 with Latino(a) immigrants to better understand the lived experiences of these communities, test messages and outreach materials, and provide recommendations for tailored education and engagement with these populations. The resources in this toolkit were informed by that research and developed for states to customize based on their unique needs, program eligibility criteria, and environments to support outreach and education efforts to drive enrollment in new or existing health coverage programs.

Below are versions of the communications materials included in the toolkit that can be edited.

Messaging to Drive Enrollment

Sample Social Media Posts and Graphics

Template Flyer One

Template Flyer Two