Templates & Toolkits | Jun 15, 2023

State Health Equity Measure Set

Deepti Kanneganti, Jessica Mar, and Michael Bailit, Bailit Health

The State Health Equity Measure Set provides a standard set of health equity measures that states can use to assess their performance against other states, and inform interventions that strive to improve equity in healthcare access and outcomes within their state. The State Health Equity Measure Set includes 10 population-level measures, which gauge health status, and 19 healthcare measures, which evaluate receipt of, and outcomes associated with, evidence-based health services. All measures have been tested and are in use by national measurement bodies. The Measure Set provides states with the resources to inform policies and program interventions that are focused on reducing disparities in healthcare access, care delivery, and health outcomes for people of color. A companion issue brief, Measuring Health Equity: A State Measure Set to Assess and Improve Equity, outlines state considerations when adopting the State Health Equity Measure Set, including ways to address factors that lead to under- and overrepresentation of people of color in national and federal data sets, and describes key steps for how to operationalize the Measure Set.