Issue Briefs | Aug 11, 2013

Tools and Policy Considerations for State Medicaid Expansion Analyses

National Academy for State Health Policy – Kaitlin Sheedy and Katharine Witgert

This brief, prepared by the National Academy for State Health Policy, lays out the major factors states have considered in estimating the cost of a potential Medicaid expansion. The major factors addressed in this brief are: Who will enroll in Medicaid with or without a Medicaid expansion?; How do the alternatives afforded by Medicaid’s Alternative Benefit Plans and Medicaid waivers affect expansion considerations?; How are health care institutions, state agencies, and a state’s broader economy affected by a state’s decision regarding Medicaid expansion? By providing examples of state fiscal impact analyses, and highlighting tools created through the State Network, the brief can inform future state analyses regarding Medicaid expansion. The Medicaid Expansion: Framing and Planning a Financial Impact Analysis is among the State Network resources highlighted. It provides a worksheet and considerations table to guide states conducting their own Medicaid expansion analyses.