Webinars | Oct 9, 2015

Webinar: Improving Care for Medicaid Beneficiaries Experiencing Homelessness

State Health and Value Strategies

In recent years, a growing number of people who are experiencing homelessness have become Medicaid beneficiaries, and many are enrolled in Medicaid managed care plans. State Medicaid agencies, health plans, and providers can improve care for homeless beneficiaries with complex needs, while also controlling costs, by identifying these members and making connections with permanent supportive housing and other resources in the homeless assistance system.

On October 8, SHVS hosted a webinar, introducing a new issue brief and toolkit for states and featuring presentations by a panel of experts from a state Medicaid agency, a Medicaid managed care plan, and a Medicaid provider – all working to link Medicaid services with housing to improve care for homeless Medicaid beneficiaries.

Expert panelists:

• Carol Wilkins, consultant and author of issue brief
• Hannah Katch, California Department of Health Care Services
• Catherine Anderson, United Healthcare
• Julie Grothe, Guild Incorporated