Jan, 30, 2015

Updated DOI Consumer Services Toolkit Resource

Our experts at Georgetown have developed a new resource designed for consumer services personnel in state insurance regulatory agencies. The resource updates Chapter 10—Marketplace Financial Assistance—of the ACA Consumer Services Toolkit, first developed by Georgetown in 2014, and adds a new Chapter 11: Tax Issues Related to Marketplace Financial Assistance. Although the marketplaces and tax professionals are the most appropriate sources of premium tax credit information, it is likely that consumers with questions will still contact their insurance regulators for assistance.

The updated chapter includes information related to the Affordable Care Act tax credits, including eligibility for premium tax credits and an example demonstrating how the tax credits are computed. The new chapter offers basic information about 1095-A forms, incorrect forms, and information about routing callers that require additional assistance.

The ACA Consumer Services Toolkit is designed to provide a quick reference for consumer service representatives when working with consumers seeking answers about their coverage or help in dealing with insurance problems. The information is organized and presented in a manner that is thorough yet easily accessible.

These two chapters can be used as a stand-alone guide to tax credits, 1095-A forms, and the reconciliation process. See the new content here or download the full toolkit.