Expert Perspectives

Apr 7, 2023 

Google Announces Medicaid Renewal Feature: What State Agencies Need to Know

Google recently announced it is highlighting Medicaid renewal-related information in relevant search results to make the information easier for consumers to find. This expert perspective provides more information on the new search features and how state health agencies can ensure their landing pages appear in Google search results related to Medicaid renewal.


Mar 31, 2023 

States of Unwinding

In this new expert perspective series, State Health and Value Strategies will highlight examples of the work states are engaging in to prepare for and operationalize the unwinding of the continuous coverage requirement to minimize coverage losses. This new series aims to showcase strategies that other states may be interested in adopting and highlight how states are leveraging federal flexibilities.

Mar 22, 2023 

Leveraging Data to Drive Results for Medicaid and Marketplace Enrollment

To maximize efforts to maintain coverage, state Medicaid agencies and Marketplaces can now leverage digital channels as part of their overall outreach and communications efforts. Rapidly evolving changes in consumer media consumption habits as well as shifts in digital channels, and the ability to leverage data sources, enables granular audience targeting and efficient use of resources. These can be incorporated into an overall integrated outreach and education campaign to maximize renewals and coverage retention.